Jack Estes Debrabander

Fitness Enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander Explains the Health Advantages of Playing Sports Over Going to the Gym

Fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander explains the health advantages of playing sports versus going to the gym.

Jack Estes Debrabander
Jack Estes Debrabander

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. However, some types of exercise can be more advantageous than others. Athlete and fitness enthusiast Jack Estes Debrabander explains that playing sports offers a number of health advantages that simply heading to the gym or a fitness class may not.

Jack Estes Debrabander explains that research suggests those who play sports are more likely to continue playing them throughout their lifetimes. That means they’ll like be more physically active than if they hadn’t played sports. Similarly, Jack Estes Debrabander explains that research published in the British Medical Journal shows that the competitive aspect of sport can have numerous advantages over simply heading to the gym.

“Engaging in sports helps develop and maintain motor skills that aren’t necessarily developed in the gym,” Jack Estes Debrabander explains.

Athletes like Jack Estes Debrabander also explain that sport simply keeps people active for longer than a typical trip to the gym or jog around the neighborhood. For instance, a recreational soccer game can take more than an hour to compete, and an athlete may even take part in more than one game. Jack Estes Debrabander explains this increases the cardiovascular benefits as well as overall longevity.

“It also comes down to the fact that sports are often more fun,” Jack Estes Debrabander explains. “Engaging in exercise that’s social and enjoyable means you’ll want to do it more often, and ultimately, that can result in superior health.”

Jack Estes Debrabander explains how numerous studies have shown that those who play sports at a young age are more likely to remain physically active as they age.  Similarly, the recent study published in the British Medical Journal suggested that even those who start playing sports at a later age are more likely to continue those sports into old age. For instance, someone who starts playing pickup basketball games at age 40, is more likely to continue being active in old age as well.

“It’s never too late to start playing the sports you love,” Jack Estes Debrabander says. “And simply starting to play sports now can greatly benefit you later in life.”

Jack Estes Debrabander continues to explain that any type of exercise is encouraged, including heading to the gym. He simply emphasizes that playing sports can be especially beneficial, as it typically means more time exercising now as well as more physical exercise in the future. The goal is to remain an active athlete for life, and research shows that playing sports is more likely to result in that.

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